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Monteer deze mobieletelefoonhouder voor eenvoudige navigatie en draai uw telefoon in de gewenste oriëntatie, horizontaal of verticaal. Eenvoudig te monteren en eenvoudig aan te passen aan vele telefoonmaten.

  • Universele telefoonmaten - 4,7 tot 6,5 inch

  • gemakkelijk verstelbaar

  • stabiel te gebruiken

  • schokbescherming


Easy to read display

Battery level, speed, distance travelled and the gear you are in – it’s all there on a large, easy-to-read display. That means you are always in full control and can keep your eyes on the traffic.

High-performance battery

The certified battery is your guarantee for fewer charging problems and longer life, so you can always just get up and go. The high Sharp standards for battery certification guarantee that you will be able to enjoy your product for a long time to come.

Reliable footpad

Enjoy the stability of the wide footpad with the non-slip mat. Great riding comfort even when you need to swerve or brake.

Always connected

Thanks to the Sharp Life App, all the travel information you need is right there on your phone. And the convenient USB connection keeps your phone charged

Excellent suspension

The double rear suspension gives this scooter an incredibly smooth and relaxed ride over the annoying bumps of city roadways. All you will notice is the unprecedented comfort and real driving pleasure.(EM-KS2 only)

Truly impressive

Mega cool and easy to see. This black scooter comes with red accents and an illuminate deck that makes it really stand out. Do you want to tone it down a bit? Suit yourself, the deck illumination is dimmable.(EM-KS1 only)

Stylish design

The red elements, such as the brake cable and the rear clip, give this scooter a really dynamic character. Regardless of the speed you are travelling at, this is your style that will set you apart from the crowd.

Control App

Download the control app

App control is an even easier way to use your scooter. Here you will find much more information about the product, but also set the required functions. You can turn on or off the undercarriage lighting, register your trip and much more. A convenient feature is also the remote, temporary locking of the scooter for short stops.